About Edendale SchooL - Pre-primary

Our Curriculum

​Edendale’s Pre-Primary School follows a Christ-Centered Curriculum alongside CAPS with a 21st century educational influence.
  • Learners actively participate in structured, sensory activities while learning through play.
  • A fun and stimulating, educational daily program is followed to enhance every learner’s chances to reach their full potential.
  • Preschool learners experience water safety- and basic swimming skills at our lovely swimming pool.
  • Learners participate in a Preschool concert, Family Fun Day, Agape Celebrations, Speech Festival, Heritage Day Celebrations, Arbor Day Celebrations and many more activities during the year.
  • Preschool learners also have access to the School Library with educator assistance.
Subject Offering

Grade RRR-R

English HL


Life Skills

Student Learning Support

Support Services

The school provides additional support to learners who struggle mastering their school work. Each of the schools has a School care program which is responsible for managing support services rendered by the school. In some circumstances support services might have to be delivered at additional financial costs to the parent.

Spiritual guidance

​Speech therapy (at an additional cost)

Psychological evaluation or therapy (at an additional cost)

About Edendale SchooL - Pre-primary

Sport / Culture

Edendale Pre-Primary School offers a wide variety of sport and cultural activities learners can participate in. 

Little swimmers leaning at poolside

Arts Celebrations

Promotes creativity
Encourages neural connections
Builds fine motor skills
Develops problem solving abilities
Helps kids to understand the world
​Helps kids to connect

Library & Educator Assistance

Teach kids about sharing
Introduce kids to the arts
Foster literacy and improve academic performance
Provoke curiosity and discussion
​Improves and promotes reading
Stimulate imagination and play


Builds tone in children
Improves balance
Increase stamina
Improves strength and flexibility
Improves mental and emotional health
Great exercise that improves cardio vascular health